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Monday, Dec 18, 2017
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Picking your class...

By Zebo a - Posted Jan 2, 17

Forum post to let us know your class, click here!

Check out the above link to our forums...Fill out the information and let us know what class you are planning to roll! I will generate a list with all the results so you can see what everyone is planning to roll, and start pre-planning your leveling groups and future raiding groups!

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Wont have steady access to internet for a while so probably wont be making raids, <3 u west group ill be back
Saturday ZG by Moh and Moonbeam is taking a Christmas break on the 23rd, but will be back on the 30th :)
EU Raids are on different days 2 coming resets, make sure to sign attending/not attending!
when is next world pvp event?