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Monday, Dec 18, 2017
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"Veteran" Promotions

By Zebo a - Posted Mar 1, 17

These new "Veterans" are not permanent positions for the persons promoted. They are simply long term, trusted guild members that I personally picked in a time of need to help moderate guild chat in a large and busy guild. They have been with the guild long enough and I personally trust they will do the right thing with the kick ability. Myself or the other officers cannot always be online to moderate guild chat and this is needed.

All positions for class advisors are still open and will be decided by the officers and myself in the near future.

I ask that any "veteran" please use the kick power wisely. People should be given a fair warning and if issues arise from the warning or if the problems continue, you have full right to remove them from the guild. Please do not abuse this power!

Sorry for anyone affected from a rotten recruit and in the near future may narrow our recruiting policy down to prevent issues like this.



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Wont have steady access to internet for a while so probably wont be making raids, <3 u west group ill be back
Saturday ZG by Moh and Moonbeam is taking a Christmas break on the 23rd, but will be back on the 30th :)
EU Raids are on different days 2 coming resets, make sure to sign attending/not attending!
when is next world pvp event?