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Thursday, Jan 18, 2018
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This quest chain takes a couple weeks to complete. So for anyone wanting the bonus, better start sooner than later. This requires 2 kill/collect quests, a trip to UBRS, 2 trips to MC and collecting reputation with hydraxian (grinding mobs in silithus or going to MC) and multiple long runs to and from Azshara.

The main purpose of this questline is to aquire the douse, to douse the runes in MC, to summon Major Domo which leads to Rag after killing Domo's adds.

The douse will have to be traded to someone who can verify you have completed the quest and the bonus will be awarded.

We will be very strict on the deadline of 4/15!

Here is a link to the questline, if you have any further questions, please ask away!

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