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Zebo a
Level 3
This is just a simple guide to tell you the best route to take. I understand with starting zones and server pop at launch, you may have to do what it takes to pull ahead of the pack before this becomes as useful.
I recommend joana's leveling guide + the questie addon but feel free to follow this if you want a faster faced yet still enjoyable leveling experience.
(This guide is based off of research and alexensual's guide)

Note : This is designed for horde, since we are a horde guild.

Please remember to do your class requests as you get them. Unless they are really long and pointless ones.
1.Starting Zone. Complete it. (1-11)
2. Silverpine forrest (11-16)
3. Barrens (Upto Camp/Border w/ mulgore) (16-20)
4. Stonetalon/Southern Barrens/Ashenvale (20-25)
5. Thousand Needles (25-30) Fill in if you don't ding w/ RFK
6. Arathi Highlands/Alterac Mountains (30-32)
7. Arathi Highlands/Shimmering Flats (32-32)
8. Desolace (32-33)
9. StrangleThorn Vale (33-35) (NOTE : Don't waste your time doing pages, sell them on AH. If you are getting ganked at emissary say in guild)
10. Dustwallow Marsh/Swamp of Sorrows/Badlands (35-39) <--- I would recommend that order but any work.
11. StrangleThorn Vale (39-40) Pirate quests
Get your mount. You should have enough
12. Ferelas/STV/Tanaris/Swamp Of Sorrows (40-45) If you don't have enough do elite quests in Dustwallow
13. The Hinterlands (45-46)
14. Tanaris/Ferelas/The Hinterlands (46-47)
15. Searing Gorge (47-48)
16. Finish Tanaris/Ferelas/The Hinterlands (48-49) RFD + Zul'Farrak
17. Azshara/Un'goro Crater/Felwood (49-52)
18. Eastern Plaguelands (52-54)
19. Winterspring (54-55)
20. Burning Stepps (55-56)
21. Silithus (56-57)
22. Western Plaguelands (57-59)
23. Alterac Valley (59-60) or if playing from launch, finish all quests you didn't complete and grind.

Congratz on 60.

Useful Stuff....
Posted Dec 31, 16 · OP
Can highly recommend joanas guide!

Keep in mind that it is on another patch than we are currently.. there are some differences in the quests and in the xp youll get!
Posted Mar 19, 17
I used to power-level characters to 60 (and then 70 and 80 come expansions) and sell them on retail in my spare time. Before the nerf, my record to 60 was just under 5 days of /played. Every single time, I used Joana's guide, and followed it, to the letter.

It took a lot of searching when I joined Elysium, but I finally found the appropriate version of her vanilla levelling guide (the main one that always comes up is v1.28, but the one we really need is v1.06).

Here's the link to 1.06:

Posted May 12, 17 · Last edited May 12, 17
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