Couple things to talk about before doing world pvp.....

1.) This should be the most laid back "raid"...plenty of BS, with some organized objectives.
2.) We will be in a raid group with potential people ranking, so we cannot get dishonorable kills - Civ's will be raid marked
and cannot be killed or AOE set nearby them.
3.) Bring consumes like a normal raid, and we may need to pop them as needed to escape being wiped
4.) Mandatory savory delights
5.) This will be a come as you want type raid....don't feel obligated to stick around and there is 0 DKP awarded for participation.
6.) PvP or PVE specs welcome....all are welcome, if we get a large showing, we may split into 2 raid groups so both have plenty of healers so people arnt dying and are able to rebuffs.
7.) Bring buffing consumes like ankhs/candles/ect
8.) Will be hosting events like this one a week or so, so if you are questioning a 2nd profession to take up, engineering is cheap, provide some crazy good PvP shit and bombs....Bring bombs.
9.) This will be hosted in our teamspeak....we can include non guildies, but have to make sure they don't get us DK's
10.) Potential targets for attacking....BRM (wipe guilds raid buffs), ZG/ZG Island, A Capital City (depending on our size), Devilsaurs to stir up the mafia and call people in for PvP, Key junction points for alliance such as theramore/wetlands. We may hit any or all of the above, be ready to move around as needed to hunt these bloodsuckers down.