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255 unbuffed is correct. Want to get 315 buffed (max), and you get 60 from Hunter/shaman buffs.

I was under the impression that Gift of the Wild stacks with everything, making the cap 227 unbuffed.
Should not stack with Aspect of the Wild.

Gift of the Wild does not stack with Nature Resistance Totem at the moment on Lightbringer, but I'm unsure of whether this is correct.

One would assume that Gift of the Wild does not follow standard buff application rules (i.e. should stack with everything) because otherwise it is quite redundant to use it. None of its benefits would be used by those who want its buffs as they'd get it from a better source instead (Elixir of Superior Defense, Juju Power, Elixir of the Mongoose, Prayer of Fortitude, Arcane Brilliance, Prayer of Spirit, Auras/Totems/Aspect/Magic Resistance Potion). Ergo, if Gift of the Wild doesn't stack with anything it's basically useless in hardcore raids.

Regretfully the latest vanilla update of the resistance page on wowwiki has contradicting information on this, claiming both:
Resistances are generally very limited in how they stack. The following five sources of resistance are all independent, but whether they stack within each category depends on the category:

Equipped items and enchants all stack
Potions, auras, totems, and buffs all overlap - the maximum will apply
Flask of Chromatic Resistance
Racial bonus (Dwarves have +10 Frost Resistance, Gnomes have +10 Arcane, Night Elves and Tauren have +10 Nature, Undead have +10 Shadow)
For example: A hunter Aspect of the Wild with +60 NR will make any other potions or buffs useless (unless the hunter dies). It will however fully stack with equipment bonuses as well as a racial bonus (Night Elf and Tauren in the case of NR) and a flask.

As well as:
Ok, the above is wrong, I'm working on it. --Sabelaide 17:22, 3 September 2006

NOTE: Magic Resistance Potion seems to stack with buffs such as Mark of the Wild, but not paladin resistance auras.

My thought is that Magic Resistance Potion wasn't the one stacking with anything (so to speak) but rather that Mark of the Wild was stacking with the potion and aura used to test this. Regretfully this isn't addressed again until well into TBC (I stopped at the revision made on the 7th of September 2008) so wowwiki can't help us answer this.

If anyone wants to look further into this they're welcome, but I'm fine enough with it not stacking to not bother researching more.
Posted Nov 17, 17
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Zebo ao
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Good info Belz!
Posted Nov 17, 17 · OP
Easy Viscidus Guide:


If you don't know the boss he does three abilities:

  1. Poison Bolt Volley
    Hits everyone in 100 yards, does nature damage, puts a poison DoT after.
  2. Poison Shock
    Hits everyone in 15 yards, does nature damage, should only hit melee.
  3. Poison Cloud
    Leaves a void-zone cloud underneath him, similar to Venoxis in ZG when he's in snake form.

After being hit by 300 frost attacks he splits into 25~ Glob of Viscidus. Each one that dies removes 5% of the bosses life. I believe the boss can't go below 5% life with this. Also, as far as I know, he doesn't have an enrage (or atleast I've never seen it) so the fight can last as long as needed. The boss also does not melee for much damage.

Items needed:

Starting the fight/Group Comp:
  • 1 Shaman per range group.
  • Melee mount up over 100 yds away (down the vine/tentacle thing)
  • 1 druid stays with melee
  • Mages/Wls/Priests have frost wands equipped (even healing priests)
  • If low on shamans druids can be in their own group
  • If low on shamans, hunters stay out with melee
  • No one should be wearing NR gear for this strategy

Range group runs into the middle of the room. Tank just kites the boss in a circle around the range. Viscidus only uses Poison Bolt Volley every 15 seconds or so. Poison cleansing totem removes the poison usually right after the first tick, sometimes before. That gives 15 seconds to top off the entire raid which is only range classes - usually 2 chain heals each does the trick. Priests should be wanding this entire fight as healing is fairly light without melee.


Assuming 15 wanders in the group at 1.4 APS and 9% miss, it should take 22 attacks each for the boss to freeze or about 31 seconds~. After 200 frost hits melee should run back into the room. Once the boss is frozen everyone should auto attack the boss, it will take 75 melee swings to shatter the boss - having Poniard and 290+ dagger skill speeds this up.

Gif of melee running into the room:

Once the Glob of Viscidus spawn, everyone should be ready with their Goblin Sapper Charge or Crystal Charge for non-engineers. Following classes should also use their abilities:
  • Mages: Flamestrike (You can try to time landing the initial hit, otherwise just put it down for the DoT affect)
  • Shamans: Fire Nova Totem (I played a shaman on Nost, took me a few kills to get the timing down)
  • Hunters: Explosive Trap

Bringing the boss down from ~99% to 5%

If everyone brings their grenades, and doesn't miss them, the boss should be nearly dead. If the boss is <15% then everyone stay in and blow the boss up using their normal DPS rotation (priests go back to healing at this point, damage gets pretty hectic). Otherwise if the boss is >=16% then melee leave the room. Rogues can vanish to remount, warriors can pop a Swiftness Potion to get back into the room. If melee get poisoned on the way out use a Jungle Remedy or a Powerful Anti-Venom

With grenades and poison cleansing totem, this fight is trivialized.
Posted Jan 5, 18
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