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Sunday, Jun 24, 2018
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Onyxia worth 30 DKP!

By Zebo ao - Posted Jun 9, 17

Hey all,

After seeing MC attendance/signups vs. Onyxia attendance/signups, especially when it is Onyxia only raid that day, we had to make an adjustment to the value of Onyxia. She is now worth 30 DKP and if attendance remains low, we may have to raise beyond that.

We do feel it is a reward issue for most though not all. Some just cannot make certain raid days and with Onyxia being on a 5 day reset, the kill day cannot be placed on a consistent weekly day without possibly losing a reset. This hopfully is not seen as a punishment for those who cannot make the raid on scheduled days, but as a better incentive to show up for a 10 minute boss kill that is 1/3 the value of an MC run. We need raiders to be thinking about the guild/raid as a whole instead of what benefits them only. Getting consistant Onyxia kills is very key at this point for melee weapons but more importantly the Onyxia scales. 

At the rate we are accumulating scales and the time left before BWL we are doing well to be prepared for all 3 raid groups to have onyxia scale cloaks and will not have the cheese the shadow flame behind a throne or otherways. Onyxia is a test for a guild, where melee are awarded top end items but must depend on ranged to get the kill, who for the most part need little from that boss. Please attend and sign up for onyxia as consistently as you do for MC and for BWL in the future. We will do our best to make Onyxia as quick and as clean as possible especially on nights where Onyxia is the stand alone raid for now. Attending makes these kills cleaner (for the most part) and quicker. Please come prepared with consumes/buffs and there is no reason we cannot 1 shot this boss in less than half an hours time and continue on with our business.

Thank you,

All Raiders

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EU team died a week ago so... yea :( A single Cthun kill and the end :( :( ...
Miss all of you :) Hope you're all well <3
uu look. A chat :d
"You even had to get consumables back then" :p