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Sunday, Jun 24, 2018
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Sign ups, worth 10 DKP each!

By Zebo ao - Posted Jun 19, 17

Sign ups are worth 10 DKP each per sign up now (for sign ups at least 24 hours in advance). This is an effort to help raid leaders know what the attendance of the raid is going to be. This allows raid leaders to assemble the group that needs to be brought to accomplish the goals.

Important things that raid leaders think about when assembling a group for that raid:

1.) Raid comp (classes needed/who needs the gear(carry some newer people vs. sharding gear)/who has earned the raid spot)

2.) Who is coming with buffs/consumes/ontime/SIGNED UP

3.) The speed of the clear

4.) Testing players for upcoming content

This is just a few examples of things we think about when creating a raid group, and this is why sign ups are so crucial. If we feel raid signups are slowing or stopping we have no choice but to replace that raid spot. For all we know a no sign up = a player has quit without warning/been banned and we cannot hope they will return. If you cannot take the time to sign up attending/not attending/maybe (with good information about why a maybe instead of yes or no), we cannot give you a raid spot for that raid. Our goal is to provide the most consistent raid groups that are full and clearing content in a timely manor. 

So to the important stuff....the rules for earning the DKP:

1.) Everyone who signs up "Attending with your class or spec", "Not Attending" and any further information helps, such as on vacation till XXX or "Maybe" with good reasoning such as "On call or working late but will be on an hour late" will get 10 DKP.

2.) You can only earn sign up DKP once per raid, per reset. So you cannot sign up for EU Onyxia and NA West Onyxia and earn 20 DKP. The same as you cannot sit on standby for NA East earning dkp, then raid with NA West and earn DKP also. So currently you can earn Sign up DKP once every Onyxia (5 day reset) and once every Molten Core (resets every Wed) once per 5 days or per week, depending on the dungeon. We will decide how sign up dkp will work with BWL coming shortly, being that it will most likely have 2 BWL days at the start at least. To help the raid leaders though as well as give incentive for you guys to continue signing up, both those BWL days will most likely award 10 DKP per day of signup (so 2 BWL days will be 20 DKP each for that week). I believe currently all raid groups are planning 2 BWL days and 1 day of MC/Onyxia, but check with your raid leader to know for certain and raid days/times.

3.) If you sign up "Attending" or "Maybe" raid leaders will assign a "Confirmed" to those attending, who are going to makeup the 40 players attending the raid. Please check for your "confirmed" if you signed up attending or maybe. You are expected to come raid ready - Repaired, with consumes, world buffs and on time for raid invites. If you cannot make the raid after receiving a "confirmed" you need to let your raid leader know ASAP so a replacement can be found. We understand thing happen, but now a non-confirmed raider, who is on standby is most likely not expecting to raid and is not going to be as prepared. You need to alert via the website/in game mail or in game message that you cannot make the raid please. 

4.) Confirmed and no shows with no warning will be -10 DKP to your current standing. This puts the entire raid at a disadvantage and with all the ways to get a message through the internet, you can let us know you cannot make it very easily.

5.) DKP will be awarded PRIOR to the raid and able to spend this dkp at the raid you are attending. Dont let a sign up cost you an item!

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