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Sunday, Jun 24, 2018
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As we continue into what I feel most raiders are raiding for - AQ/Naxx, the time frame on patch releases has been increased substantially. Hopefully everyone has spent the last few months stocking up on consumes for AQ, enchanting new upgrades or even old items, gathered resist gear and are ready to be back in progression mode. 

This is not what is mandated at all (please see your raid leaders/class advisers to figure specific needs) but general guidelines would be:

100% BIS current enchants on 100% of your gear (I would include shoulder/helm/leg enchants (if they are your BIS) from ZG a must as well as NR enchants from ZG too).

10+ Flasks (Tanks/soakers - titans, caster DPS - supreme power, healers - wisdom)

NR pots by the dozens - 15 closest members hit with 2k dmg on Huhu every few seconds below 30%, viscidious and other bosses all do nature dmg!

NR gear - We always had people in the 225+ catagory (perhaps 240 NR if the +5 per boss level is needed), depending on the fight, even caster dps....of course there is a trade off between wearing NR and having survivability and having dps gear on and having burn power (rag - FR vs dmg for example).

ZG Flasks (what I call a Zanza elixir) - They take revered rep + 3 zanadalar honor tokens (1 bijou or coin turn in per honor token).

Raid addons should be installed and working - This includes c'thun warner, CTraid assist, elysium version of big wigs, KTM, decursive, totem timers, ect.

DKP will be a new system - As was MC and BWL, AQ will be on its own fresh dkp system. We will give some type of starting bonus, stay tuned for your raid leaders % they wish to give.

With MC/BWL being important for all groups, I know all raid groups are asking our players who are serious about raiding, to be aware we are under the heaviest time crunch to date. Players will still be needing MC/BWL/ZG/AQ20 loot along with our progression days for AQ. And Naxx is right around the corner too...we may have to bring mains for the time being to all runs so that the runs can be as smooth and quick as possible. Please contact your raid leaders on the raids needs. Also please see my post on the raiding forums for AQ. I will finish the post and shortly be uploading Nightmare dragons & Naxx as well!

Fun times!


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macro for target health bar text [link]
EU team died a week ago so... yea :( A single Cthun kill and the end :( :( ...
Miss all of you :) Hope you're all well <3
uu look. A chat :d
"You even had to get consumables back then" :p