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Sunday, Jul 22, 2018
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As we continue into what I feel most raiders are raiding for - AQ/Naxx, the time frame on patch releases has been increased substantially. Hopefully everyone has spent the last few months stocking up on consumes for AQ, enchanting new upgrades or even old items, gathered resist gear and are ready to be back in progression mode. 

This is not what is mandated at all (please see your raid leaders/class advisers to figure specific needs) but general guidelines would be:

100% BIS current enchants on 100% of your gear (I would include shoulder/helm/leg enchants (if they are your BIS) from ZG a must as well as NR enchants from ZG too).

10+ Flasks (Tanks/soakers - titans, caster DPS - supreme power, healers - wisdom)

NR pots by the dozens - 15 closest members hit with 2k dmg on Huhu every few seconds below 30%, viscidious and other bosses all do nature dmg!

NR gear - We always had people in the 225+ catagory (perhaps 240 NR if the +5 per boss level is needed), depending on the fight, even caster dps....of course there is a trade off between wearing NR and having survivability and having dps gear on and having burn power (rag - FR vs dmg for example).

ZG Flasks (what I call a Zanza elixir) - They take revered rep + 3 zanadalar honor tokens (1 bijou or coin turn in per honor token).

Raid addons should be installed and working - This includes c'thun warner, CTraid assist, elysium version of big wigs, KTM, decursive, totem timers, ect.

DKP will be a new system - As was MC and BWL, AQ will be on its own fresh dkp system. We will give some type of starting bonus, stay tuned for your raid leaders % they wish to give.

With MC/BWL being important for all groups, I know all raid groups are asking our players who are serious about raiding, to be aware we are under the heaviest time crunch to date. Players will still be needing MC/BWL/ZG/AQ20 loot along with our progression days for AQ. And Naxx is right around the corner too...we may have to bring mains for the time being to all runs so that the runs can be as smooth and quick as possible. Please contact your raid leaders on the raids needs. Also please see my post on the raiding forums for AQ. I will finish the post and shortly be uploading Nightmare dragons & Naxx as well!

Fun times!


Clayn a Take not that untill further notice, AQ (1.9) has been postponed.

Hey everyone,

With BWL less than a week away, we have discussed between all officers and refined how we will handle BWL. These rules apply to all raid groups, unless otherwise noted. Hopefully you are all preparing/prepared and giddy with anticipation....its about time we get some fun content and more to do!

For anyone who needs the current rules laid out, we will quickly review how loot/signups/DKP/ect work.


We are a DKP based guild, please see Murloc DKP Site for your current standings prior to any raid to know your exact DKP along with others DKP. MC/Onyxia share DKP for purchasing items and accruing DKP, listed under Molten Core DKP.

Each sign up for MC/Onyxia is worth 10 DKP. Please sign up 24 hours ahead of time, with your class/spec. DKP will be award for all who sign up - Attending/Not Attending/Maybe, please provide notes as needed. This DKP is awarded BEFORE raid start and can be used for that raid. If you sign up attending, but no show on raid day you will receive -20 DKP per no show sign up.

Onyxia worth 30 DKP per kill, MC bosses 1-9 worth 10 DKP, Ragnaros worth 15 DKP. Full MC is worth 105 DKP. Please check with the raid groups to see if DKP is added during or after MC. Items bought will lower your spendable DKP. Please monitor your own DKP and even that of other players. Bids must in a number (not ALL my DKP) and if you cannot afford the minimum, you are still allowed to bid on an item and may go negative if no one with DKP bids higher. Loot will not be sharded when someone can use. Raid groups are MS > OS unless otherwise stated for spending DKP. Mistakes can also happen, checking your DKP/others DKP and notifying when a mistake happens is your responsibility. 

Standby players (ones who do not get one of the 40 raid spots, but are ready to fill a spot as needed) will earn full DKP as long as that player is available in TS or easily reachable to fill a spot. They are expected to be as raid ready as possible but will not be penalized for not having world buffs. 

There is a monthly(on the 1st of every month) DKP Tax of 10% to every player listed on the DKP website. This is to stimulate DKP spending to help the raid overall as well as help battle inflation on the DKP page.

Players who are retired from the guild website (due to extended afk > 30 days or gquit) will have DKP reset to 0 upon return. No exceptions going forward.

Though we are a DKP based guild, there are a few prioritized item depending on the raid group, to maximize the benefit the items have for the raid group as a whole. We do our best to do what is best for the guild/raid group, please talk to your class advisers/officers with any questions you may have or locate loot priority lists.

The raid calendar has all upcoming events, please sign up to help the raid leaders/class advisers know upcoming raid comp. If you don't sign up/sign up to the incorrect raid/sign up late, that is on you and cannot be held against the raid leader. Raid groups will "confirm" the 

Everyone attending raids is expected to come fully prepared - World buffs/consumes/fully enchanted/raid specced/signed up/on time/required addons. If you are missing any of the requirements you may be sat whether you signed up or not, at the raid leaders discretion. 

The way to bid on items:

Raid leader will announce/link the item with the minimum cost. You must whisper at least the minimum cost to the person who is taking the bids for the items. You may not bid more than you have in DKP, with the exception, anyone is able to bid the minimum DKP amount to keep an item from getting sharded. You may not bid on BOE items to give to another player/AH the item for money. This is a 1 time, blind bid for the amount you are willing to pay for the item. It will be given to the player with the highest verified bid for the amount they bid. Ties will result in a /roll. MS > OS for bidding items unless otherwise noted as well as prioritized items. Players who bid the minimum amount that have DKP will beat players who bid the minimum amount and do not have the DKP. Example - Zebo has 20 DKP, Clayn has 30 DKP, item both players want drops, minimum price is 30. Both players bid 30, Clayn automatically wins since he has full DKP to cover the minimum cost. 

Your DKP is guild wide, with the exception of top tier weapons. Currently BRE/Viskag/Perditions/Deathbringer/Leaf/Eye are the only items that will stick to the raid group that earned them. In the event of a combined run, it is between the groups that are combined. Other items, unless specifically stated may be bid on with your DKP, no matter what raid group it was earned in. We are trying to not reserve items within the guild, but also trying to keep the top tier weapons within the groups that earn them, till further stated.

Misbids cannot be held against the master looter and bids over your maximum DKP will be disqualified. Please "PASS" to the master looter to speed up looting time if you do not need/want the item. Bids placed after the item is closed will not be counted, pay attention please when its an item you desire.

Item minimum costs for MC/Ony:

T1 - 30 DKP

T2 - 50 DKP

Jewelry/Trinkets/Non-armor/Non-Weapon - 50 DKP

Weapons/Shield/Ranged/Any of the bottom 3 center slots - 60 DKP

BWL Rules....

To streamline and make less complicated BWL is following most of the rules MC/Onyxia do. There are a few exceptions that we will currently review.

BWL along with all upcoming 40 man raids will be on separate DKP systems. This encourages new players to join the guild to refill our ranks and not be last in line forever for items.

BWL is currently setup on the DKP site, though your starter BWL DKP has not been added till right before BWL launch. You will notice you can see you "current standings" for BWL or MC/Ony now on the website. BWL DKP is for items obtained from BWL. MC/Ony DKP is for MC/Ony items only, please pay attention to what current standings you are looking at when bidding on items.

Your BWL DKP will be 10% of your MC/Ony lifetime earned DKP.

BWL signups will be 10 DKP each, with a maximum of 2 signups (20 DKP) per week for BWL attendance. If you raid group clears BWL in 1 day and the other groups still require 2 days, 20 DKP may be awarded for 1 days signups to keep DKP even.

ALL bosses in BWL will be worth 10 DKP (20 DKP for 1st time kills). Possibility of 80 BWL DKP for boss kills and 20 BWL signup DKP each week.

Items will cost the following:

T2/Any other armors - 50 DKP

Weapons/Shield/Ranged/Any of the bottom 3 center slots - 60 DKP

*Please check out possible raid groups reserved items lists

All previous rules for MC apply the same to BWL unless already stated. We are trying to change as little as possible so everyone doesn't have to remember a bunch of rules as well as exceptions to the rules.

If you are not prepared for BWL you may be sat based on class leaders/raid leaders call. 

BWL DKP tax will first start Oct. 1st. 10/01/2017.

We are assuming MC attendance will dip either due to extended raid schedule or people have gathered all their items and no longer want to show up. This is fairly natural but we still need patterns/raid mats/thunderfury/BIS items/other raid members getting gear. The way we will give a bonus to those who continue raiding on their mains is to give 10% of your LAST 30 DAYS MC/Ony earned dkp as BWL. To further explain, there is roughly 700 MC/Ony/Signup DKP possible every month. We will give 10% of your earned as BWL on the 1st of the next month. So if you earn 540 MC DKP in the last 30 days, on the 1st you will be given a bonus 54 BWL dkp. We are trying to give a bonus that wont break the BWL system, but will slightly reward those who put in the extra work. 700 MC/Ony dkp can turn in to 70 BWL DKP over 30 days time. That is almost an extra full BWL run worth of DKP once every 30 days.

10% of MC/Ony -> BWL Bonus will not start till Sept. 1st (will be the 30 days before Sept. 1st that will be used).

If you are still preparing please review the following:

100% PVE raid specs only/required class lead consumes list/signed up/enchanted gear/boss information post reviewed/talk to your class adviser on required addons or special specs, such as winter chill mage/any requested guild bank items (please request through your raid lead/class adviser).

Thank you for taking the time to read and be as raid ready as possible.

If you have any questions please message an officer/class adviser for clarification or more information!

Mephysto I think this makes a lot of sense and I am excited to start clearing BWL with the team. Let's get it and have fun ...

Sign ups, worth 10 DKP each!

Zebo a posted Jun 19, 17

Sign ups are worth 10 DKP each per sign up now (for sign ups at least 24 hours in advance). This is an effort to help raid leaders know what the attendance of the raid is going to be. This allows raid leaders to assemble the group that needs to be brought to accomplish the goals.

Important things that raid leaders think about when assembling a group for that raid:

1.) Raid comp (classes needed/who needs the gear(carry some newer people vs. sharding gear)/who has earned the raid spot)

2.) Who is coming with buffs/consumes/ontime/SIGNED UP

3.) The speed of the clear

4.) Testing players for upcoming content

This is just a few examples of things we think about when creating a raid group, and this is why sign ups are so crucial. If we feel raid signups are slowing or stopping we have no choice but to replace that raid spot. For all we know a no sign up = a player has quit without warning/been banned and we cannot hope they will return. If you cannot take the time to sign up attending/not attending/maybe (with good information about why a maybe instead of yes or no), we cannot give you a raid spot for that raid. Our goal is to provide the most consistent raid groups that are full and clearing content in a timely manor. 

So to the important stuff....the rules for earning the DKP:

1.) Everyone who signs up "Attending with your class or spec", "Not Attending" and any further information helps, such as on vacation till XXX or "Maybe" with good reasoning such as "On call or working late but will be on an hour late" will get 10 DKP.

2.) You can only earn sign up DKP once per raid, per reset. So you cannot sign up for EU Onyxia and NA West Onyxia and earn 20 DKP. The same as you cannot sit on standby for NA East earning dkp, then raid with NA West and earn DKP also. So currently you can earn Sign up DKP once every Onyxia (5 day reset) and once every Molten Core (resets every Wed) once per 5 days or per week, depending on the dungeon. We will decide how sign up dkp will work with BWL coming shortly, being that it will most likely have 2 BWL days at the start at least. To help the raid leaders though as well as give incentive for you guys to continue signing up, both those BWL days will most likely award 10 DKP per day of signup (so 2 BWL days will be 20 DKP each for that week). I believe currently all raid groups are planning 2 BWL days and 1 day of MC/Onyxia, but check with your raid leader to know for certain and raid days/times.

3.) If you sign up "Attending" or "Maybe" raid leaders will assign a "Confirmed" to those attending, who are going to makeup the 40 players attending the raid. Please check for your "confirmed" if you signed up attending or maybe. You are expected to come raid ready - Repaired, with consumes, world buffs and on time for raid invites. If you cannot make the raid after receiving a "confirmed" you need to let your raid leader know ASAP so a replacement can be found. We understand thing happen, but now a non-confirmed raider, who is on standby is most likely not expecting to raid and is not going to be as prepared. You need to alert via the website/in game mail or in game message that you cannot make the raid please. 

4.) Confirmed and no shows with no warning will be -10 DKP to your current standing. This puts the entire raid at a disadvantage and with all the ways to get a message through the internet, you can let us know you cannot make it very easily.

5.) DKP will be awarded PRIOR to the raid and able to spend this dkp at the raid you are attending. Dont let a sign up cost you an item!

Onyxia worth 30 DKP!

Zebo a posted Jun 9, 17

Hey all,

After seeing MC attendance/signups vs. Onyxia attendance/signups, especially when it is Onyxia only raid that day, we had to make an adjustment to the value of Onyxia. She is now worth 30 DKP and if attendance remains low, we may have to raise beyond that.

We do feel it is a reward issue for most though not all. Some just cannot make certain raid days and with Onyxia being on a 5 day reset, the kill day cannot be placed on a consistent weekly day without possibly losing a reset. This hopfully is not seen as a punishment for those who cannot make the raid on scheduled days, but as a better incentive to show up for a 10 minute boss kill that is 1/3 the value of an MC run. We need raiders to be thinking about the guild/raid as a whole instead of what benefits them only. Getting consistant Onyxia kills is very key at this point for melee weapons but more importantly the Onyxia scales. 

At the rate we are accumulating scales and the time left before BWL we are doing well to be prepared for all 3 raid groups to have onyxia scale cloaks and will not have the cheese the shadow flame behind a throne or otherways. Onyxia is a test for a guild, where melee are awarded top end items but must depend on ranged to get the kill, who for the most part need little from that boss. Please attend and sign up for onyxia as consistently as you do for MC and for BWL in the future. We will do our best to make Onyxia as quick and as clean as possible especially on nights where Onyxia is the stand alone raid for now. Attending makes these kills cleaner (for the most part) and quicker. Please come prepared with consumes/buffs and there is no reason we cannot 1 shot this boss in less than half an hours time and continue on with our business.

Thank you,

All Raiders

As some of you may know, Peteyharris's house burnt down the other night, losing everything, including his gaming rig. Can we come together as a guild and empty our coin jars to help him come back to the game? We will get decursive on the comp installed before he gets it lol....

Link To GoFundMe For Donations

Delerium Would be an honour!
inbloom/Jambii a seriously though will donate 20 if andy promises me
inbloom/Jambii a 20$ on it IF decursive is guaranteed installed by andy
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macro for target health bar text [link]
EU team died a week ago so... yea :( A single Cthun kill and the end :( :( ...
Miss all of you :) Hope you're all well <3
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"You even had to get consumables back then" :p