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Sunday, Jun 24, 2018
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This quest chain takes a couple weeks to complete. So for anyone wanting the bonus, better start sooner than later. This requires 2 kill/collect quests, a trip to UBRS, 2 trips to MC and collecting reputation with hydraxian (grinding mobs in silithus or going to MC) and multiple long runs to and from Azshara.

The main purpose of this questline is to aquire the douse, to douse the runes in MC, to summon Major Domo which leads to Rag after killing Domo's adds.

The douse will have to be traded to someone who can verify you have completed the quest and the bonus will be awarded.

We will be very strict on the deadline of 4/15!

Here is a link to the questline, if you have any further questions, please ask away!

Magues x I've Completed the quest line and Douse is in inventory. 3.30.17
Mephysto Completed 3.30.17 with douse in inventory!
Cleganebull Here's a link for one of the starting quests in the chain - I'm...

Hey Guys,

Check out this poll that Puhpuh has put up to help us figure out the best raiding time/days for the EU raid time. This will help us establish our raiding schedule for our existing raiders and allow for specific recruitment on the server. Help us get past a little bit of growing pains and the rewards are right around the corner during this raiding split. Having 2 fully functioning raiding teams in the guild will have a ton of benefits!

Thank you,


"Veteran" Promotions

Zebo ao posted Mar 1, 17

These new "Veterans" are not permanent positions for the persons promoted. They are simply long term, trusted guild members that I personally picked in a time of need to help moderate guild chat in a large and busy guild. They have been with the guild long enough and I personally trust they will do the right thing with the kick ability. Myself or the other officers cannot always be online to moderate guild chat and this is needed.

All positions for class advisors are still open and will be decided by the officers and myself in the near future.

I ask that any "veteran" please use the kick power wisely. People should be given a fair warning and if issues arise from the warning or if the problems continue, you have full right to remove them from the guild. Please do not abuse this power!

Sorry for anyone affected from a rotten recruit and in the near future may narrow our recruiting policy down to prevent issues like this.



Picking your class...

Zebo ao posted Jan 2, 17

Forum post to let us know your class, click here!

Check out the above link to our forums...Fill out the information and let us know what class you are planning to roll! I will generate a list with all the results so you can see what everyone is planning to roll, and start pre-planning your leveling groups and future raiding groups!

Getting started on Jan. 7th!

Zebo ao posted Dec 31, 16

This is just a simple guide to tell you the best route to take. Do what it takes to get ahead of the pack and this will be more useful.

Good luck with the start of leveling, on launch!

Irregardless I use this guide, back in the day as well as this go around was very useful in a very step-by-step 1-60. I usually level...
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macro for target health bar text [link]
EU team died a week ago so... yea :( A single Cthun kill and the end :( :( ...
Miss all of you :) Hope you're all well <3
uu look. A chat :d
"You even had to get consumables back then" :p